Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee
Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The Power of Chemistry in Public Health:
Drug Development from the Lab Bench to the Consumer

    This symposium will detail the development of drugs for public health. Drug development is composed of three divisions necessary for a drug to arrive in the consumer's hand. The first division features scientists from academia and industry who work to create and design drugs that show promise in treating diseases. The next segment is industry's role in development, which takes the drug with promising results through clinical trials. The last division is the government agencies that regulate and define the safety protocols for the public and the environment. The goal of this symposium is to educate about the work and deliberation that goes into the creating and testing of drugs while promoting public health. Furthermore, it is our intention to provide insight in order to bridge the gaps between academia, industry, and government for the process of drug development.

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